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Clean Air Zones

What you need to know about Clean Air Zones In response to growing concerns over UK pollution, the Government has introduced clean air zones in several cities around the UK. A Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is an area where the Government has decided action needs to be taken to improve the air quality. Improving the air not only improves people’s health, but it also gives local councils and authorities a cash boost to make roads greener. Within a clean air zone, the aim is to reduce air pollution, including nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter, so people breathe in cleaner air. The method of...

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Safety Cameras: The Facts

We break down all you need to know about safety cameras If you ask the majority of drivers what the most annoying feature of UK roads is, they’d probably say safety cameras. Love them or hate them, they are an effective way of controlling the speed of many drivers and do their bit to make the roads safer for everyone. In this blog we break down everything that you need to know about them before you set off on your next journey. The changes to UK speed cameras There have been major changes to the way speed cameras are operating on UK motorways. With the introduction of the new M1 smart...

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Seven Driving Habits Damaging Your Vehicle

How many of these bad driving habits do you have? Many people spend a lot of money on their cars. So it’s understandable that you’d want the longest lifespan possible from your vehicle. However, you may be unaware that your driving habits could be affecting your car’s lifespan, causing you to fork out for unnecessary costs and repairs. Read on to discover the common driving habits that you should aim to avoid. 1. Resting your hand on the gear stick You probably don’t realise, but keeping your hand on your gear stick whilst driving can damage your car's...

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Smart Motorways: Your questions answered

Understanding how to drive with the extra lane A smart motorway, formerly known as a managed motorway, uses technology to manage the flow of traffic. The regional control centres carefully monitor the traffic and adjust the speed of the smart motorways, to increase capacity and reduce congestion. Congestion on the highways in England was costing the Government £2 billion each year, with 25% of this congestion caused by road accidents. So smart motorways were not only introduced to improve congestion, but also to improve road safety and save costs. Smart motorway speed limits The...

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Discover the risks of tailgating

What is tailgating? Tailgating is when a motorist drives too close to the vehicle in front, usually in an attempt to force them to move lanes or speed up. Tailgating usually takes place on a motorway, as often drivers become frustrated at the speed of the vehicle in front and see tailgating as a way to force the other driver to speed up. Tailgating may also be caused by a lack of concentration from the driver. When drivers are not fully concentrating on the road, they often forget to leave a safe distance between themselves and the car in front. Almost half of Brits admit they’ve been...

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