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How to Clean your Car with a Pressure Washer

How to clean your Car with a Pressure Washer Protect your vehicle against grit and debris There are more reasons to wash your vehicle than just wanting shiny paint. On a day to day basis your car gets covered with all sorts of debris that will damage the surface of your paintwork. This is especially true in winter, because although grit does a great job of improving your grip in winter, the salt is corrosive on your vehicle. One way that you can protect your vehicle from rust is through regular washing, but if you do it wrong it will leave your paint looking dull and scuffed over time. In...

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Your Monthly Car Maintenance Checklist

Your Monthly Car Maintenance Checklist  If you’re keen to prolong the life of your vehicle and cut down on hefty repair costs in the process, you’ll find this monthly car maintenance checklist extremely handy. Your expert team here at AutoProtect has outlined the basic vehicle checks that you’ll want to perform on your vehicle. This will help your car remain healthy and safe to drive week in week out. Monthly Car Maintenance Checks Check the tyre pressure It is important to check your tyre pressure as part of your monthly car maintenance checks. Neglecting your tyres...

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A Guide to Winter Car Care

Why is winter car care important? During the winter months road conditions can make driving treacherous, whilst freezing temperatures can put your car’s mechanics under extra pressure. Adopting a winter car care routine will help you stay safe on the roads in the winter months and ensure your car starts when you need it to. This helpful guide will tell you all you need to know about winter car care and winter driving safety. Winter Car  If your car service doesn’t fall within the winter months, you can always request a winter car service to ensure your vehicle is protected...

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What is antifreeze and why is it so important?

Learn more about antifreeze and how it helps your your vehicle Antifreeze changes the freezing and boiling point of water to ensure that it remains at the correct temperature for your car to function. In this blog we look at why it’s so important and answer the question: what is antifreeze?  What is antifreeze? Firstly, as the name suggests, antifreeze prevents your car from freezing in winter. The process of water freezing and then warming causes water to expand. And as you can probably guess, this could cause serious damage to your vehicle! By adding antifreeze to your water...

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Are winter tyres worth it?

We explain how they work and if they’re worth their value Winter is fast approaching and before long we’ll have our first snowfall; if you’re on higher ground you may already have had it. Snow and ice can cause all kinds of disruption on the roads and if you’re not properly prepared it can have a significant impact on your life and work. One way to minimise disruption is by fitting a set of winter tyres to your car, but they come at an a extra cost. In this blog post we look at a range of factors and ask: “Are winter tyres worth it?” Why are winter tyres...

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