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Motorists often forget about insuring their tyres. We, at AutoProtect, believe they are one of the most important parts. After all, they are in constant contact with the road and therefore are subjected to the most wear.

What if?

Your customer drives over glass or picks up a nail? They could burst a tyre on the kerb or a pothole. They might even suspect that someone has deliberately punctured their tyres. Whether the damage is accidental or malicious, flats are a real inconvenience and repairs or replacements cost.

Unless you can offer Tyre Insurance from AutoProtect.

Significant benefits

  • Our Tyre protection will refund the cost of having to repair or replace a tyre or tyres that have suffered accidental, malicious damage or a puncture during the period of insurance.
  • Includes all five tyres, including the spare.
  • Covers tyres for up to 36 months from policy purchase date.
  • Can cover run flat tyres.

AutoProtect provide flexible, adaptable products designed to suit your specific requirements.

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