AutoProtect Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

AutoProtect supplies a huge range of car warranty products to over 3,000 dealers across the UK, Europe and South America. We can provide insured, uninsured and dealer managed programmes, all with adaptable cover levels to suit your requirements.

What if?

Your customer’s car refuses to start or breaks down? Even the most reliable of vehicles can let them down sometimes and cost a fortune to repair.

It’s always worth thinking ahead. A car that’s in perfect working order now may be more likely to break down as it ages.

It’s enough to keep them awake at night. Unless you can offer Mechanical Breakdown Insurance from AutoProtect.

Our car warranties are designed to help with the cost of repairs, including labour, VAT and replacement parts.

And when you consider that modern vehicles contain over 700 components, any of which might fail over time, the impact on your customer’s pocket could be painful.

Why not let AutoProtect foot the repair bill instead? Just select the level of cover your customer requires.

Significant benefits of our used car warranties

  • Unlimited claims.
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Day one cover.
  • European cover.
  • Contribution towards forward transportation.
  • Contribution towards overnight accommodation.
  • Contribution towards replacement vehicle hire.
  • Roadside recovery.

We have various cover levels in the AutoProtect insured product range:

  • Standard
  • Premier
  • Premier Plus

As well as our uninsured car warranties:

  • Bronze Plus
  • Silver Plus
  • Gold
  • Gold Plus
  • Platinum

AutoProtect provide flexible, adaptable products designed to suit your specific requirements.

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