Client Testimonials

Screen grab from Poole Audi website showing navigation, Audi vehicles and service offerSam Dussat - Finance and Insurance Manager

Poole Audi

Poole Audi introduced Ceramic Coat into its portfolio of added value products two years ago.

Paint Protection had always been a key part of the services Poole Audi offered its clients. However, customers could be reticent; trust issues and/or poor brand awareness were often barriers to sale.

When we were introduced to Ceramic Coat we could clearly foresee the benefits of providing a product with high levels of brand awareness and credibility. Plus AutoProtect’s product training and implementation and ongoing support programme were an added benefit for us and promised increased sales.

Since 2013 penetration levels have increased by an additional 15% on paint protection and we have customers who have already experienced the benefits of Ceramic Coat, requesting its application on their new purchases. 

Doble Honda motorcycle dealer logoRob May - Business Manager

Doble Motorcycles

With its MOTO GP associations, it goes without saying that this is a quality product offering superior customer benefits.

We have sold kits to customers on a variety of bikes from Gold wings to scooters, fair weather bikers to all season diehards.

The greatest appeal however, without a doubt, is from owners of bikes with specialist paint schemes (like Repsol and HRC), and in particular those with painted wheels. Our customers are happy with the results and our business thrives on happy customers. 

Jeff White grey rectangular logoJeff White - Managing Director

Jeff White Motors

From the first meeting to discuss the development of  the “ Jeff White Approved Warranty” to launch, I cannot say enough good things about AutoProtect.

I found AutoProtect  was refreshingly candid about the process of establishing a personalised warranty programme .  AutoProtect’s offering was cost effective, flexible and tailored to meet our customer’s needs and has transformed what was a cost to our business and turned it into a profit centre.  They have designed a fully managed solution, handling the claims process, administration support, monthly account management and transparent reporting and analysis.

We desired full control over component coverage and in the event of a claim rejection the ability to review the decision to maintain customer satisfaction. They have delivered their promise!

IM Group, vehicle dealership, blue and grey logoPhil Evans - Aftersales and Technical Director

International Motors Group


At International Motors our partnerships are a vital element of our success and one of our key providers for several years has been AutoProtect.

When in the process of looking for a bespoke warranty supplier we needed an organisation who were flexible, innovative and could adapt to fit with our business and brands ethos, AutoProtect met these requirements.

They are experts in their field of product development and underwriting, their product offerings are extremely versatile and they are not afraid to suggest new approaches in a constantly changing market place.

AutoProtect have a very robust and established underwriting platform which enables focus on the balance between risk and the customer offer and allows us to react to changing market conditions.

We are delighted with their enthusiasm, professionalism and the high level of service they have demonstrated over the years.  

Burton Kia car dealership logoGraham Large - General Sales Manager

Burton Kia

As an independent dealer, the role of a good ‘partner’ supplier is much more important than in a Group situation. We need the knowledge that a good supplier has to increase sales.

AutoProtect have more than risen to this challenge. They have brought ideas and product innovations to us and helped us to develop promotional approaches that have really worked.

Today, they are our only insurance product supplier, which I think is a statement of our confidence in them.

Westover Group blue logoDavid Butler - Group Finance and Insurance Manager

Westover Group


Westover Group, Jaguar and Land Rover centres have been working with AutoProtect and FGA over the last few months, following a meeting where they presented the JLR Combined GAP and RTI product.

The product benefits to the JLR customers are, in my view, industry leading and we have realised a significant sales increase on this product line.

 Fundamentally we have confidence in the AutoProtect product.

 The sales training and ongoing development/support by AutoProtect has been very professional.


FGA Capital blue grey and green logoNigel Daniel - Insurance Manager

FGA Capital Ltd

The introduction of the ABI's Good Practice Guides for GAP Insurance has presented the opportunity to review our insurance offering. In doing so, we have appointed an AutoProtect, with whom we already have experience, having worked with them to develop and market our SMART insurance programme; which is proving very successful for dealers. AutoProtect has many years of experience in the GAP area of business, with a number of major dealer groups included in their portfolio. Their approach to embracing regulation and best practice in a manner that is both customer and dealer centric impressed us and we are looking forward to a long term relationship with them.

Gavin Cleverly - Director

Mon Motors Group

For years GAP has been seen as a pretty much universal product and all power to AutoProtect for creating something that bit better. It is the sort of imaginative approach we need to keep things fresh, especially since it is an innovation that protects our bottom line.

Sinclair Group black logoEdward Ellis - Head of F&I and Compliance

Sinclair Group

Our partnership is now entering its fourth year and this reflects how we have grown together through a combination of developing performance and product offering. Detailed analysis every month with the Management team has ensured penetration and profit balance has increased plus expert Compliance support as we all navigate through an ever evolving Regulatory industry.

A key partner of the Sinclair Group.

Eastern Western Motor Group black and white rectangular logoSandy Risk - General Manager Business Development

Eastern Western Motor Group

AutoProtect have supplied our used vehicle warranty, principally covering The Car Deal Warehouse part of the Eastern Western Motor Group business for the past 5 years. This length of time clearly indicates how satisfied we are with their service levels and management of our business. We have found them to be extremely proactive, innovative and helpful throughout this time and we look forward to a continuing and mutually successful relationship.

Wessex Garages black logoKeith Brock  - Managing Director

Wessex Garages

Wessex garages have enjoyed a very successful relationship with AutoProtect for a number of years now.The personal service and initiatives allow them to stand out from their competitors along with excellent underwriting and management information. This has allowed us both to grow our businesses and would not hesitate in recommending them.

Screen grab of Watford Jaguar website page showing vehicle images and navigationDavid Norris - General Sales Manager

Watford Jaguar

AutoProtect has had an extremely positive and effective influence on our business.

Working closely with us to drive our business forward, our overall performance on finance, products and profitability has improved dramatically over the past year.

Thanks in no small part to AutoProtect's efforts in developing, delivering and supporting a new sales process.