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How to check your tyre pressure at a petrol station

How to check your tyre pressure at a petrol station It is important to look after your tyres as they are an essential part of your vehicle's safety. Your tyres affect your vehicle's braking performance, grip on the road and overall fuel economy. Therefore, it is essential that you maintain them well and keep them properly inflated. Read on to find out how to check your tyre pressure at a petrol station, whilst on the go. What is tyre pressure? The air inside a tyre is what creates pressure. The less air there is inside it, the less pressure there is and this means that there is more...

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Driving in a bus lane: when is it ok?

Driving in a bus lane: when is it ok? Bus lanes are used to separate buses from other traffic, ensuring that traffic flows freely through cities and busy urban areas by easing congestion. But when can other road users use them? In this blog we will take a look at the rules around using bus lanes and detail any possible penalties if you’re caught driving in one when you shouldn’t be. How to spot a bus lane A bus lane is recognisable by a series of marked dashed white lines which appear on the road. These dashed lines turn to a solid white line, which indicates the edge of the bus...

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Undertaking Undertaking refers to when one vehicle overtakes another slower moving vehicle on the left-hand side. While it is not illegal to undertake on a dual carriageway or on a motorway whilst driving in the UK, an undertaking car can be very dangerous and could lead to an accident if the driver is not careful. The driver of an undertaking car may receive a penalty if their actions are considered to be careless driving. In this blog we will take a look at the rules around undertaking and will clarify when this may be considered careless driving. We will also outline the possible...

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How To Wash Your Car Without Leaving Swirl Marks

Cleaning your car can be a chore but there is nothing quite like driving around in a freshly cleaned, shiny motor. Not only will your car look better for it but a clean car means clear visibility, which will keep you safe on the roads too! Whilst cleaning your car yourself will save money, there can be a knack to getting that swirl-free finish. Here are a few car washing tips that will leave your car looking as good as new. Things you will need A well-executed DIY car wash doesn’t necessarily mean using expensive products. Whilst the list below is not exhaustive, here are a few things...

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Eco Driving Tips

Eco driving tips Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, it goes without saying that the more fuel you use, the more your journeys will cost. Not only that but the exhaust fumes are far from environmentally friendly. Whilst driving is a simple pleasure for some, for others it can be a necessity to get from A to B. We’ve compiled a list of handy eco driving tips that could help you save some money and do your bit for the environment. Maintenance Car maintenance is a year-round chore for all car owners but it is an essential task that can prevent damage to your vehicle and ensure...

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