AutoProtect Reviews - 5th March 2017

AutoProtect are always helpful and informative” – March 2017

Especially after I was told by my insurers that my car was a total loss. I called AutoProtect regarding my GAP insurance cover and they explained the full terms and conditions. I had not realised that I would be returned to the invoice value of the car in the event of a total loss and thanks to your helpful staff I was able to quickly progress with my claim and receive payment (who exceeded all my expectations). I had never imagined when taking out my GAP insurance cover on my finance vehicle that I would ever need to claim and certainly not to have my car written-off.  I was so relieved to know when my car was written off that my GAP insurance would cover any shortfall between the value of the vehicle and the remaining finance on the vehicle! It was definitely worth the extra monthly payments for this cover and I now recommend everyone take out GAP cover as an essential when financing a car. Again, very helpful staff who explained the claims process clearly and were very patient with me. The time taken between when I submitted my claim and the final payout was less than a month wait - very impressive!

Miss AN, Buckinghamshire.