AutoProtect Reviews

Below is a selection of testimonials supplied by customers using our products.


"Found the whole experience much better then I thought. really easy and the guy who did the repair was very proffesional." - January 2019

Mr SB, Hertfordshire.

"Excellent service. Thank you!" - January 2019

Miss HW, Kent.

"Very quick turn around! I am very happy with the overall service." - January 2019

Mr CB, Kent.

"Thank you for your service. It was fantastic." - January 2019

Mr SF, Perthshire.

"Excellent service and very quick responses to phone calls." - January 2019

Mrs JM, Staffordshire.

"Well done AutoProtect!" - December 2018

Everything was good from start to finish and I was kept informed at all times. Well done AutoProtect.

Mr AR, Norfolk. 

"I was very happy with the service provided by AutoProtect." - December 2018

Mr SM, Renfrew.

"Great service and very supportive staff. I would recommend it!" - December 2018

Mr IC, Essex.

"Absolutely superb service throughout." - November 2018

Absolutely superb service throughout - and an excellent job done on the car! Thank you all!

Mr VG, Avon.

"Just don't change! - November 2018

I award you the highest accolade for your service, care and attention. I cant see anyway you can improve. Just dont change!

Mr AB, Hampshire.

"Excellent service. Very satisfied and I am glad I took up the option of this insurance cover." - November 2018

Mr DV, Kent.

"Representative came to my place of work and completed work to high standard with minimum fuss." - November 2018

Mr RH, Essex.

"Excellent customer service. I have already recommended your company. Thank you!" - November 2018

Mr JL, Kent.

"Excellent service, fast payment and hassle free. Thanks." - November 2018

Mr AT, London.

"Excellent service as always." - November 2018

Excellend service as always. Engineer arrived on time and I was previously notified by text. The work was done quickly and efficiently to a high stanrd. Highly recommend.

Mr MH, Worcestershire.

"Good customer service team, the support given was on point." - November 2018

Mrs EC, Hertfordshire.

"The service was great as usual." - October 2018

Mr MH, Essex. 

"I have had nothing but wonderful service from AutoProtect." - October 2018

I have had nothing but wonderful service was AutoProtect and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend them. Claims are dealt with quickly and payment is made within a few days. Brilliant.

Mrs VC, Essex.

"Very quick and pfoessional job. Excellent service." - October 2018

Mr JH,  Cambridgeshire.

"The whole process worked very well and the staff were police and concise. No problems - thanks." - September 2018

Mr SM, Greater London.

"A new tyre fitted quickly and efficiently." - September 2018

Im always abit skeptical with insurance like this and whether or not they are worth the money or reject claims - however, on this occasion it worked perfectly. A new tyre fitted quickly and efficiently. 

Mr SJ, Surrey.

"AutoProtect trudly do provide a product work having." - September 2018

Fabulous service. I never thought an insurance policy would like up to its word. AutoProtect truly do provide a product worth having.

Mr AG, North Humberside.

"Awesome service." - September 2018

Awesome service and lovely staff. Really impressed. Great job. I was so stressed but the staff made me feel relaxed and got it sorted. 

Mr RC, Cumbria.

"AutoProtect were excellent when I was making my claim." - September 2018

AutoProtect were excellent when I was making my claim. They advised me of whcih garages I should get estimates from and had no quibble over the quoted sum. Once the work was done they were very quick in reimbursing me!

Mr CH, Devon.

"The service was excellent from start to work!" - September 2018 

Miss JLB, West Sussex.

"Excellent service - incredibly fast no nonsense payment. Thanks!" - September 2018

Mr DC, Hampshire.

 “From start to finish, the service was excellent!” – August 2018

Miss JL, West Sussex.

“Once the work was done they were very quick in reimbursing me!” – August 2018

AutoProtect were excellent when I was making my claim. They advised me of which garages I should get estimates from and had no quibble over the quoted sum. Once the work was done they were very quick in reimbursing me!

Mr CH, Devon.

“Awesome service and lovely staff.” – August 2018

Awesome service and lovely staff, I am really impressed. I was so stressed but the staff made me feel relaxed and got it sorted.

Mr RC, Cumbria.

“Fabulous service.” – August 2018

Fabulous service. I never thought an insurance policy would live up to its word. AutoProtect truly do provide a product worth having.

Mr JM, Essex.

“My claim was dealt with within minutes.” – August 2018

My claim was dealt with within minutes, and my punctured tyre replaced without further delay. Your service was excellent.

Prof. CH, Kent.

“Everything worked just perfectly.” – August 2018

I was pleasantly surprised how easily things went. From the initial phone call to the completed repair, everything worked just perfectly.

Mr DB, Greater London.

"Everybody was so helpful and dedicated to the process." - August 2018.

Everybody was so helpful and dedicated to the process. I was really pleased with the serviced supplied.

Mr AP, London.

"A very efficient and satisfactory service." - August 2018

Mr DC, Scottish Borders.

"A good efficient service. A good job well done." - August 2018

Mr SG, Essex.

"I am very happy with the service and work carried out." - August 2018

I am very happy with the service and work carried out. The staff were polite and I would recommend AutoProtect.

Mr CD, Lincolnshire.

"I found the service and staff very helpful. The whole process was glitch free!" - August 2018

Mrs SM, West Midlands.

"Scratch? What scratch?!" - August 2018

Scratch? What scratch?! A friendly, efficient and quality service. Highly recommended!

Mr TH, Bristol.

"Great experience. Very pleasant and helpful staff." - July 2018

Mr RR, Dumfries.

"Excellent service and amazing alloy repair, it looks like new!" - July 2018

Mr PF, Hampshire.

"I am very pleased with the whole process, from the service to the finished job." - July 2018

Mr TH, Ayrshire.

"I have no complaints whatsoever!" - July 2018

I have no complaints whatsoever. I am very happy with the service would recommend to family and friends. Keep up the good work.

Mr MA, Greater London.

"The whole experience went smoothly." - July 2018

The whole experience went smoothly. I have to compliment the chap that did my repair. It was perfect, I would never have known there was a mark there - and it was a deep scratch down to the metal. Polite and very professional - an absolute diamond.

Mrs LB, London.

"Very good service all round, and an excellend finish." - July 2018

Mr WJ, Essex.

"So pleased I took out this insurance" - July 2018

I am so pleased I took out this insurance. I have now used it twice and its brilliant.

Mrs ZK, London.

"First class service." - May 2018

First class service. It was a simple process to make the claims without any hassle. The repairs were excellent, with the wheels looking like new.

Mr RL, Northamptonshire.

"Fantastic service. I would recommend AutoProtect to anyone." - May 2018

Mr IH, Wiltshire.

"Very friendly efficient service. Thank you!" - May 2018

Mrs CM, Warwickshire.

"The staff were very polite and helpful and the claim was dealt with very quickly." - May 2018

Mr MS, London.

"Great customer service." - May 2018

Mr BD, Bellshill.

"Very good service" - May 2018

Very good service. Completed all the work that was required which was brilliant. Very nice and helpful.

Mr AW, Essex.

"Excellent service from start to finish, I would highly recommend." - May 2018

Ms AL, Greater London.

“All matters were dealt with in a friendly, professional and efficient way. Thank you.” – April 2018

Mr PG, Kent.

“This is the second time I have used the service” – April 2018

This is the second time I have used the service. Both times 10/10, well done and thank you.

Mr PC, Kent.

“Excellent service.” – April 2018

Excellent service. AutoProtect are a credit to the insurance industry. A real rare breed!

Mrs AB, Essex.

“First class service from start to finish” – April 2018

Mr IB, London.

“I have already recommended AutoProtect to my colleagues.” – April 2018

I received a quick, efficient, high-quality outcome and courteous to boot. I have already recommended AutoProtect to my colleagues.

Mr VO, Hertfordshire.

“Fantastic service through.” – April 2018

I experienced fantastic service throughout would recommend Autoprotect. Thank you for your great support.

Mr AT, Nottinghamshire.

“Great process, friendly service and quality repair. Thanks!” – April 2018

Mrs CW, Kent.

“The service is excellent” – March 2018

The service is excellent and the staff are easy to talk to and very helpful.

Mr LB, London.

“I was amazed by the quality of the repair carried out” – March 2018

The service was brilliant and the repair was done to perfection. I was amazed at the quality of the work carried out.

Mrs AW, Surrey.

“Very swift in approving claims” – March 2018

I am very happy with the efficacy of AutoProtect. They were very swift in approving claims and I received the cheque in the post within 3 days.

Mr PC, Suffolk.

“The staff were very friendly and helpful” – March 2018

The staff were very friendly and helpful as I had no idea how to deal with my claim. Keep doing what you are doing, it works well!

Mr DP, West Midlands.

“Very impressed” – March 2018

I was very impressed with the service from both the team that took my call, to the technician that came out to do my repair.

Miss AM, London.

“I would be really pleased to recommend AutoProtect to my friends and family” – March 2018

I was really pleased with the service from start to finish! Excellent service and I would be really pleased to recommend you to my friends and family.

Mr FW, Somerset.

“AutoProtects service is first class and can’t be faulted” – March 2018

Mr MI, County Armagh.

“The staff were very efficient” – March 2018

The staff were very efficient and made the claim process start to finish very easy. Thank you!

Mr DG, Midlothian.

“Excellent service from start to finish, thank you!” – March 2018

Mr KD, East Sussex.

“The service I received was first class!” – February 2018

Mrs JY, Berkshire.

“An excellent company”. – February 2018

An excellent company from the initial contact to the quality of the work. Thank you!

Mr MB, Wiltshire.

“The whole process exceeded my expectations” – February 2018

The whole process exceeded my expectations and the payment was extremely quick and the process seamless.

Mr PS, East Sussex.

“The service was quick, effective and satisfactory”. – February 2018

Mrs BT, East Sussex.

“The service I received was first class!” – February 2018

Mrs CC, Lanarkshire.

“Thanks again” – February 2018

Thanks again! I can’t praise you guys enough. A fast service and helpful people. I would recommend AutoProtect to anyone.

Mr KW, Greater London.

“Very friendly and knowledgeable’ – January 2018

Everyone from the first communication to the engineer that completed the work was very friendly and knowledgeable. They are great ambassadors for the company.

Mr BS, Lancashire.


“Excellent service. I would recommend AutoProtect to others.” – January 2018

Mrs JP, Kent.

“Excellent customer service!” – January 2018

Dr K, Middlesex.

“Very helpful and supportive team.” – January 2018

Dr CD, West Sussex.

“Thank you for brilliant advice at a stressful time.” – January 2018

Absolutely brilliant service with tremendous help from Victor. Thank you for brilliant advice at a stressful time, following the theft of my car just before Xmas. Many thanks.

Mr AS, Middlesex.

“Very good service.” – January 2018

Mr AS, Surrey.

“Excellent service that exceeded my expectations!” – January 2018

Mr GF, Dorset.

“Great service from start to finish.” – January 2018

Mr NR, Cleveland.

“I was very happy with the service and the repair was perfect.” – January 2018

Mr PV, Worcestershire.

“All went very smoothly from start to finish.” – January 2018

All went very smoothly from start to finish. In all 6 days from claim to work being completed, to cheque being received.

Mr KW, Norfolk.

“Excellent service! Easy to claim and book the repair.” – December 2017

Miss DW, Hertfordshire.

“Straightforward and easy to use service. The team were very co-operative.” – December 2017

Mr OA, Bolton.

“The work was to such a high standard you would never know there was a deep scratch.” – December 2017

Mrs SM, Avon.

“Thank you for all your help and advice.” – December 2017

Thank you for all your help and advice, it was much appreciated. Your customer service is excellent. My policy has given me total peace of mind since purchasing it.

Mr NC, Cornwall.

“The best and most efficient service I have ever used.” – December 2017

The best and most efficient service I have ever used. I cannot recommend AutoProtect highly enough. Thank you to everyone involved with my claim.

Miss SS, Buckinghamshire.

“Prompt efficient service! I am a very happy customer!” – December 2017.

Mr PL, Hertfordshire.

“The AutoProtect team were very helpful and issue was resolved very swiftly.” – December 2017

Miss SK, Greater London.

“I experienced a helpful and responsive telephone conversation.” – December 2017

I experienced a helpful and responsive telephone conversation. The work was carried out promptly and to a high standard. The repairman was polite, friendly and helpful.

Mrs PP, Suffolk.

“Great service and I am very happy with the result.” – December 2017

Great service and I am very happy with the result. I will definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues.

Mr MA, Greater London.

“AutoProtects services are excellent.” - December 2017

AutoProtects services are excellent and everything was done to my specification. Good job done. Thank you for your help!

Mr RD, Berkshire.

“First class service throughout.” – December 2017

Mr VC, Kent.

“Quick and easy, well done!” – December 2017

Mr YM, Essex.

“All aspects went well and the result was excellent. Thanks!” – December 2017

Mr JG, Lincolnshire.

“I would highly recommend this service, undertaken by very helpful and friendly staff.” – December 2017

Mr RS, London.

“Your technician was outstanding!” – December 2017

Your technician was outstanding! He very quickly set up, informed me of his intensions, method of work and approximately how long it would take and away he went. His quality of work was perfection resulting in an 'as new' finished result.  I have nothing but praise - thank you.”

Mr CG, Newton Stewart.

“Superb service and help throughout my claim. Well done!” – November 2017

Mr JW, Gloucestershire.

“I cannot praise the service I received highly enough. From sending the photos, to collection, it was swift and efficient. Thank you!” – November 2017

Mr SB, East Sussex.


"Great service and the end result was excellent. So glad we took out the policy.” – October 2017

Mrs KW, North Humberside.

“It was brilliantly efficient - and resolved quickly. No stress!” – October 2017

Mrs JB, Greater London.


“Fast efficient service very pleased with result!” – October 2017

Mr SH, Cambridgeshire.

“First class service! No stress or forms to fill out. Money well spent, 10/10!” – October 2017

Mr PF, West Sussex.

“The entire team was very helpful and responsive all the way through” – October 2017

Thanks for the great service and I look forward to renewing my insurance once I've got a new car. Thanks!

Mr SM, London.

“My claim was handled very professionally and with a single telephone call” – October 2017

Mr MH, Essex.

"Excellent service from making the first call, to the excellent and professional work carried out by the guy who came out to do the repair. Even my colleagues were impressed!” - October 2017

Miss AL, Greater London.

“Very efficient, charming and competent young man who carried out the repair.  Excellent service!” – October 2017

Mrs ML, Northamptonshire

“Your service is excellent and I would recommend my family and friends” – October 2017

Mrs VR, London.

“Quick and simple experience, with minimal hassle” – September 2017

Mr LR, Cambridgeshire.

"I had the cover for 3 years & used it twice. I’d say it’s extremely good value & I will take it out again. The person who repaired the scuffs to the paintwork was a gem. Thank you." - September 2017

Ms CH, London.

“Excellent service and exceptional repair carried out on my alloy wheel” – September 2017

Mr LH, County Durham.

“It was a straightforward, stress-free experience. Very good” – September 2017

Mr JM, Greater London.

“The staff are knowledgeable, helpful and most of all available after an acceptably short wait!” –September 2017

Mr EN, Cambridgeshire.

“All went very smoothly and a good job done, thank you” – September 2017

Miss SB, Norfolk.

“Awesome service!” - August 2017

Awesome service, my car looks like new which is such a relief. Thank you so very much AutoProtect.

Mr RP, Hampshire

“Within 10 days I had a cheque in the post” - August 2017

I had to get my repair done on a Sunday before I got the go-ahead from AutoProtect.  Consequently, I paid up front.  This was not a problem.  I called AutoProtect on the Monday- sent a copy of my invoice for the damage to my tyre, and within 10 days I had a cheque in the post.  Excellent service.

Mrs FG, Surrey.

“I was delighted with the help and support I was given in order to process my claim.” - August 2017

Mrs DS, Kent.

“Seamless and easy process. Thank you AutoProtect” - August 2017

Mr AD, Lancashire.

“Fantastic service.” - August 2017

Fantastic service. We have used AutoProtect twice now for dents and stone chips. Both times the advisors were polite and very helpful and the quality of work carried out was excellent. I'm glad I took the Autoprotect insurance out as it's worth every penny. Next car I purchase I will be doing the same!

Mr SH, Mid Glamorgan.

“Excellent repair and customer service. You wouldn’t know it has been dinged. Excellent.” - August 2017

Mr SF, London.

“Efficient and professional service throughout the process” - August 2017

Mr AW, Portsmouth.

“Yet again great customer supply and brilliant workmanship” - August 2017

Mr TA, London.

“Excellent service provided by AutoProtect!” - August 2017

Mr BV, Northern Ireland.

“Found staff to be very professional and efficient”. - August 2017

Found staff to be very professional and efficient. A standard of service other organisations can aspire to.

Mr HD, South Glamorgan.

“I am very happy with the customer service I received from AutoProtect” - August 2017

Mr SA, Suffolk.

“Welldone and Thank You!” - August 2017

Outstanding service and brilliant engineer. Well-done and thank you!

Mr RP, Hampshire.

The process from initial call to AutoProtect to completion of repair worked perfectly” - July 2017

Mr ML, Northamptonshire.

“Quick, efficient service with no hassles!” - July 2017

Mr PD, Dorset.

“Very impressed!” - July 2017

The staff at AutoProtect were very helpful and my claim was dealt with without any fuss at all. Very impressed!

Mr JC, Surrey.

“The service and claim authorisation was very quick and pain free!” - July 2017

Mr AP, West Midlands.

“Excellent service” - July 2017

Mrs PP, West Sussex.

Everything was done efficiently and professionally” - July 2017

Mrs NR, Motherwell.

“Thank you for the support through the process” - July 2017

Having ridden for nearly 30 years and never having to go through the pain of having a bike stolen the AutoProtect team were fantastic in guidance.

Mr DA, Berkshire.

“I couldn’t fault AutoProtect” - July 2017

An excellent product that really helps to keep a vehicle bought on a PCP in good condition should it be returned at the end of the term. Prompt claims handling and an easy to use app and website.

Mr JC, Kent.

“Thank you for taking care of everything” - July 2017

When the steering rack in my car became troublesome I was delighted to hear it was covered by AutoProtect, thank you for taking care of everything, the car was returned to me like new.

Mr JO, County Londonberry.

“First class service from start to finish” - July 2017

Mr WW, Suffolk.

“Great service from start to finish!” – June 2017

Mrs SJ, Greater London

“Always a great service. AutoProtect were really professional and quick.” – June 2017

Mrs AC, Hampshire.

“Everything went very smoothly and efficiently. Thank you AutoProtect!” – June 2017

 Mr JG, Essex.

“AutoProtect have very helpful staff and I am very pleased with the work carried out.” – June 2017

Miss LM, Lanarkshire.

“Great service! Thanks for everything you have done for me and my family.” – June2017

Mr IW, Kent.

“That claim was very easy to apply for and I found the staff very helpful.” – June 2017

Mr RC, Kent.

“AutoProtect are a great company and a pleasure to deal with.” – June 2017

Mr CN, Essex.

“AutoProtect offer a very good service and are very easy to do business with.” - June 2017

Mr JG, Surrey.

“Superb service and products that help when required” – May 2017

Mr MW, West Midlands.

“This is a service everyone buying a new car should have” – May 2017

Mr DP, Kent.

“Fast and efficient payment direct into my bank account” – May 2017

 Mr RM, Middlesex.

“My son recommended AutoProtect to me, and I would definitely recommend to others” – May 2017

Ms JB, East Sussex.

“I found the whole service from start to finish to be efficient and professional. I would highly recommend AutoProtect” – May 2017

Mr DW, Essex.

“Very glad I took the cover” – May 2017

AutoProtect were extremely courteous, polite and made the experience easy. I received a quick response and the appointments were made and later confirmed by text.

Mr PH, West Midlands.

“The AutoProtect staff were friendly and knowledgeable” – May 2017

Mr SS, Hampshire.

“I would strongly recommend AutoProtect and use again in the future” – April 2017

The appointment was brought forward due to a cancellation, the work was done quickly, efficiently and the chap was very helpful.

Mrs TG, Buckinghamshire.

“Polite staff” – April 2017

It was a very quick and effective removal of the scratch on my car.

Mrs SHG, Oxfordshire.

“Very polite and helpful” – April 2017

AutoProtect made it all very easy taking all the worry away. Perfect service all round.

Mrs SB, Kent.

“AutoProtect were extremely helpful” – April 2017

The person there went out of her way to email me some details promptly and the two faults were dealt with efficiently. They delivered when I needed them the most. I've already recommended AutoProtect.

Mr AVE, Suffolk.

“I dropped the car off at 9am and they had me back on the road by 11am. Just what I needed when the kids were off for the Easter half term!” – April 2017

Mr CMD, East Sussex.

“Overall, a pleasure to deal with” – April 2017

Far better service than expected from an insurance company. Fast and very efficient.

Mr BJ, Birmingham.

“AutoProtect are always really helpful and courteous!” – March 2017

I've already recommended to many friends!

Mr BM, Middlesex.

“AutoProtect were very understanding and supportive in explaining the claims process” – March 2017

Mr CP, Hertfordshire.

“The whole process was dealt with in an efficient, pleasant manner from beginning to end” – March 2017

Mrs BA, London.

“AutoProtect are always helpful and informative” – March 2017


Miss AN, Buckinghamshire.

“Easy to arrange” – March 2017

I used the app and was called back promptly to arrange details of the repair. It was easy to arrange, the repairer turned up right on time and finished in just over an hour. They came to my workplace so I wasn't inconvenienced.

Mr CC, Essex.

“Brilliant service and delighted I took out the cover!” – March 2017

Mr SB, Surrey.

“Great service!” – March 2017


Mr BC, Cambridgeshire.

“AutoProtect were very helpful and informative” – March 2017

They came across as professional and friendly and I’m very happy with the repair. The process was very efficient and communication was excellent at all stages of the claim.

Mr DH, Essex.

“Excellent, very friendly, nice lad very knowledgeable” – March 2017

Mr DE, Cambridgeshire.

“Very easy process. My claim was dealt with quickly & efficiently at the same time the tyre was being replaced.  Fantastic!”

Mrs KD, Hertfordshire.

“Thank you AutoProtect!” – March 2017

It was brilliant - it was easy to arrange and got my car back on the road - not to mention it saved me a large bill I may have had to pay had I not had my car covered - thank you AutoProtect! I will be telling all my friends about it

Mr JK, Cambridgeshire.

“This is a genuine company that delivers” – March 2017

The claim process was explained clearly and everything went exactly as I was told it would. The payment came a week after repair. I have always bought additional warrantees with vehicles and only tried to claim once and the company wiggled out. My expectations were low but delivery was exceptional. My faith has been fully restored. This is genuine a company that actually delivers.

Mr DC, Derbyshire.

“I would thoroughly recommend AutoProtect” – March 2017

The sales team were informed and allowed me the time to consider the product proposed without being pushy. I would thoroughly recommend AutoProtect. They were very swift to confirm claim was part of the warranty purchased and liaised directly with the garage to expedite repair.

Mr WB, Hampshire.

“The staff at AutoProtect were very helpful and I have told my friends about the service” – March 2017

Mr RSH, Surrey.

“Great hassle free aftercare” – March 2017

I would recommend AutoProtect to anyone who wants great hassle free aftercare. I had a couple of problems with my car but they were sorted immediately.

Mr RM, Wigtownshire.

“Very helpful staff” – March 2017

AutoProtect have very helpful staff that explained the claims process clearly and were very patient with me. The time taken between when I submitted my claim and the final pay out was less than a month wait - very impressive!

Miss AN, Buckinghamshire.

“AutoProtect staff were very pleasant and help” – March 2017

My claim was handled quickly and I was kept informed all the way through. The staff at AutoProtect were very pleasant and helpful, and my wheel looks like new again.

Mrs JF, Norfolk.

“AutoProtect were very engaging and positive. Overall I received a great service” – March 2017

Mr KD, Surrey.

“Very friendly service and a concrete company” – March 2017

Mr AK, London.

“Professional attitude and really helpful” – February 2017

Mr RZ, Norfolk.

“Very quick response” – February 2017

AutoProtect were very professional and extremely helpful. Top notch product.

Mr RB, Northampton.

“Very precise and helpful" – February 2017

The advisors at AutoProtect were very professional and went the extra mile which you don’t get these days. Very precise and helpful, with excellent customer service. I have told all my friends and family what a great service I received.

Miss HM, Kent.

“Helpful from the start’ – February 2017

CLICK HERE to read the full review.

Mr SA, Hertfordshire.

“Good communication” – February 2017

Very good service and communication. You cannot beat AutoProtect on their service, they had a recovery track out to me within 40 minutes, quicker than all recovery trucks.

Mr JG, Hertfordshire.

“Easy, simple, no hidden cons” – February 2017

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Mr JW, London.

“A very good product” – February 2017

Just sorry my three years are almost up!

Mrs RH, Cheltenham.

“Outstanding service!” – February 2017

I have recommended AutoProtect to all my friends and family.

Miss MC, Buckinghamshire.

“Great staff – so nice and helpful!’ – February 2017

Mrs JB, Kent.

“Professional, efficient, police, what more can one ask for?” – February 2017

A good value product which covers all of those scrapes from supermarket car parks. I was very impressed with the product and service behind it. It does what it says on the tin!

Mr PB, Kent.

“Fantastic service. Glad I have it!” – February 2017

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Miss MM, Sterlingshire.

“AutoProtect were very helpful in assisting me with my claim” – February 2017

Mrs TF, Hampshire.

“Superb quality job” – February 2017

The service was great, the alloy wheel repair was really easy to organise and best of all a superb quality job that looks as good as new.

Mr JR, Essex.

“Payment was made within one week. Brilliant service!” – February 2017

Miss LM, Essex.

“Very quick, polite and professional” – February 017

Very impressed with how quickly my money was refunded as I had to get the problem fixed out of hours. I would highly recommend your services as it has saved me a small fortune.

Miss CJ, Hampshire.

“AutoProtect answered all my questions and told me the procedure” – January 2017

Mr DG, Northamptonshire.

“AutoProtect were helpful and accommodating” – January 2017

The service was quick and I got my car in time as well as getting the parts that I needed without any issues. I would strongly recommend AutoProtect for their good service.

Mr AM, Enfield.

“Very good service all round” – January 2017

I was very satisfied with the work carried out.  I was also given a courtesy car at very short notice while work carried out. Very good service all round.

Mr RW, Aberdeenshire.

“Helpful and polite” – January 2017

AutoProtect provided a good response and were helpful and polite. My claim was mostly dealt with by the garage but it was good and rapid. I have been very happy on two occasions now.

Mr RH, Enfield.

"The product did what 'it said on the tin'" – January 2017

AutoProtect staff were always polite and progressed my claim every time I called, although I was often over promised on delivery times. 

Mrs LH, York.

“AutoProtect were very friendly and informative. Could not fault!” – January 2017

Miss LE, Berkshire.

 “Excellent service all round” – January 2017

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Mr YMS, Scunthorpe.

“No fuss easy to arrange repair” – January 2017

James was very polite and did a sterling job. Just one phone call and the repair was arranged, great service. Efficient, easy service at your home.

Miss BS, Sutton Coldfield.

“No hassle at all” – January 2017

The guys were brilliant! Other services could learn so much from these guys.

Mr SB, London.

“Fantastic professional service at a time to suit me, perfect” – January 2017

CLICK HERE to read the full review.

Mr SH, Mid Glamorgan.

“Prompt and efficient” – January 2017

Even though we didn't phone personally, the BMW garage said AutoProtect was really good. We were repaid within a week. Thank you! Definitely worth having this insurance!

Mr DZ, Reading.

“Knowledgeable, quick and efficient” – January 2017

I had a dent with no paint chip and you cannot see it at all, a superb job! It is the second time I have used my insurance and I am delighted with the efficiency and sped of response. Good value and excellent customer service.

Mrs IH, Hertfordshire.

“Exceptional and fast resolution of issues” – January 2017

My car is now how it should be and the whole experience was A1 service. I will advise family and friends of this.

Mr BL, Leister. 

“Very prompt and clear” – December 2016

AutoProtect made a good effort to address any queries made at once. They effectively addressed all issues raised. I received a commendable and reputable service. Autoprotect were proficient and delivered on their word.

Mr RM, Harrow.

“Couldn’t have had a better service!” – December 2016

Amazing job!

Miss NT, London.

“Everything was handled with the upmost speed” – December 2016

Mr RG, Kent.

“Dedicated and professional technical staff” – December 2016

The advisor was very cheerful and informative and dedicated to doing a fantastic job. Great customer service, along with dedicated and professional technical staff.

Mrs KC, Hampshire.

“Claim was handled with professional conduct” – December 2016

It was very satisfying knowing that the claim was handled with professional conduct. I was kept informed at every step of the claim process. The advisor was professional and helpful. I am pleased to have chosen AutoProtect as my warranty cover.

Mr SF, Lanarkshire.

“Quick and helpful getting my problem sorted” – December 2016

Mr AH, Essex.

“The advisor was very helpful. Cannot fault anything.” – December 2016

Mr BF, East Sussex.

“Very helpful and pleasant manner” – December 2016

I could not fault the experience. The claim was dealt with in a very helpful and pleasant manner. I was pleased with the outcome.

Mr MM, Manchester.

“Quickly and expertly” – December 2016

I had a very pleasant conversation with a proper human being. Car has been repaired quickly and expertly. There is no trace of the damage. The experience went a long way towards mitigating the effect from the hit and run damage.

Mr FN, East Sussex.

“The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. The product was very useful.” – December 2016

Mr JF, Essex.

“The warranty is worth its weight in gold” – December 2016

 The claim processed was quick to use and the claim was paid very quickly. The warranty is worth its weight in gold and a good piece of mind.

Mr AP, Leicestershire.

“I experienced no problem with the claim. A very positive experience” – December 2016

Mr AS, West Sussex.

“A great service”  - December 2016

 I received a great service, from booking to completion. The staff also gave great advice throughout.

 Mr PR, Surrey.

“The staff were very pleasant and helpful” – November 2016

I was initially concerned that I hadn't been contacted within the three day period but it was because I hadn't uploaded any pics (high gloss on paintwork wouldn't show the damage). Following this, it was a slick operation which couldn't have been better. I have no cause for concern in any aspect of the whole process.

Mr JS, Norfolk.

“Very efficient service and great product” – November 2016

AutoProtect were very efficient and helpful, making the whole process very easy. I'd recommend AutoProtect to family and friends due to this very efficient service and great product.

Miss JL, London.

“No trouble no hassle, very quick repairs” – November 2016

The staff at AutoProtect were polite and concerned about my issue. I would definitely recommend them and their product for peace of mind.

Mr PJ, Halifax. 

“Staff were very helpful” – November 2016

Staff were very helpful throughout the process and I am satisfied with the overall service and happy that I received the pay-out.

Mr EG, Manchester.

“I can't find any fault in the administration team” – November 2016

CLICK HERE to read the full review.

Mr DM, Blackpool. 

 “Thank you for your service” – November 2016

Unfortunately these machines do occasionally breakdown but the peace of mind with AutoProtect is super.

Mr SB, County Tyrone. 

“Friendly and quick help” – November 2016

Good parts cover and good quality.

Mr AS, Peterborough.

“Excellent service and product” – November 2016

AutoProtect were very helpful and were happy to work directly with the garage/dealer to make the process stress free! It was seamless and very professional and I have no reservations in recommending the product, company and service!

Mr RL, Eastbourne.

“AutoProtect claims team were very nice and helpful” – November 2016

I would have been lost without you.

Ms CG, Kilmarnock.

“Quick response” – November 2016

AutoProtect were very helpful and had a good knowledge of the policy. I had a quick response and the funds were issued promptly.

Mrs MC, Bristol.

“Nice and simple” – November 2016

I’m really happy with the speed of how AutoProtect dealt with my initial enquiry and how they explained everything. The whole service from start to finish was very good. I'm very pleased with the end product so would certainly recommend.

Mr SA, Norfolk.

“From start to finish, AutoProtect were very professional and prompt” – October 2016

AutoProtect were very attentive. They listened and booked me as urgent which I found to be excellent. There are no issues here as I got what I needed very effectively. From start to finish, AutoProtect were very professional and prompt. I have already mentioned this to a few people.

Mr MS, Slough.

“I had to call a few times with some questions and staff were always helpful no matter how silly the question may have seemed” – October 2016

Mr DS, East Sussex. 

“Thank you AutoProtect for a great experience” – October 2016

The customer service received was excellent.  I would endorse your service and professionalism in reviewing my claim. I could not fault the part replacement policy. As a first time purchaser and user of the service, I found it equal to or in one particular area better than main dealer warranty claims. The speed of resolution and quality of service was second to none. Thank you AutoProtect for a great experience.

Mr MW, West Sussex.

“AutoProtect were very helpful and polite answering all of my questions” – October 2016

Mr MR, Hampshire.

“Who wouldn’t have this cover?” – October 2016

AutoProtect are always on the ball and a Job done well done.

Mrs JL, Kent.

“I would recommend AutoProtect without hesitation” – October 2016

It was my first claim and AutoProtect put me at ease through the whole process. For a company that takes the stress away from the claim process, I would recommend AutoProtect without hesitation.

Mr MP, Surrey.

“It is amazing service” – October 2016

AutoProtect were very efficient, polite and extremely flexible with dates offered. It is amazing service to have your vehicle repaired at your convenience, at your own home and I was very impressed to be telephoned 24 hrs before by a very competent and professional technician. AutoProtect are leaders of an amazing product and service to put that puts a smile back on your face!

Mrs CB, Bristol.

“10 out of 10” – October 2016

My cambelt snapped and AutoProtect were very professional and sorted the repair out very quickly without any ifs and buts. From the time I called to having my car recovered, the service was hassle free and very smooth. If you’re looking for a warranty on your car, I would definitely 100% recommend AutoProtect. 10 out of 10!

Mr SJ, Middlesex.

“Fantastic customer service all the way” – October 2016

All members of staff at AutoProtect, from logging the claim to speaking with the engineers, were polite, helpful and nothing was too much trouble. I was very pleased the dealer supplied their cover with the vehicle. My claim was handled extremely quickly and I couldn’t have asked for better. The money was put into my account in a matter of days. I was dreading that I might never get paid out. How wrong was I? Fantastic customer service all the way. Highly recommend. Superb customer service and more importantly how quick the whole process was.

Mrs FM, London.

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful service" - October 2016

I would like to thank you for the wonderful service and action I received with my recent claim.  Only this morning I listened to a radio conversation about the warranty industry, in particular in the used car segment, very negative remarks. Sadly, in your industry, there are roguse companies but I have the highest regard for your service and attention to detail, and the very speedy manner you dealt with my claim.

Mr DP, London.

“Great value for money” – September 2016

Staff were courteous and very helpful. Extremely professional with a good sense of humour.

Mr AS, Hertfordshire.

“I wouldn't hesitate to extend my warranty” – September 2016

Very easy to get help at AutoProtect and such a peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands. I wouldn't hesitate to extend my warranty and I have already recommended to family and friends!

Mr GT, Cambridgeshire.

“Great service and peace of mind” – September 2016

There was a little clarification needed as same reg as previous BMW but different policy. However, it was a great service - wish I'd had a chance to use it before. Big investment in the vehicle small investment for this great service.

Mrs LC, East Sussex.

“Credit where credit is due” – September 2016

I asked a general question regarding whether my vehicle would be covered for suspension issues and the advisor at AutoProtect was courteous and knowledgeable. Having used you on my previous vehicle with excellent service as well as my present vehicle, I believe "credit where credit is due".

Mr LS, South Yorkshire.

“Absolutely perfect service” – September 2016

Mr PW, Lanarkshire.

“Couldn't fault this fast, reliable service” – August 2016

Extremely satisfied with call centre staff. Polite, helpful and courteous.  Great services from engineer in attendance. Good attention to detail and thorough. Great knowledge. Fabulous!

Mr KM, Surrey.

“I talk to family and friends raving about you” – August 2016

I felt very welcomed when I called and was impressed with the efficiency and communication.

Mrs JS, Brighton.

“Simple, well-handled process from start to finish” – August 2016

Really helpful staff who explained how the policy worked. Well worth considering given the small knocks, bumps and scratches that can occur.

Mr DD, Southampton.

“I could not have asked for more” – August 2016

Quick to respond and give authority to proceed. Very happy to recommend to others.

Mr JW, Swindon.

“Nothing was too much trouble and they were so helpful” – August 2016

Miss SE, St Albans.

“Extremely helpful; everything was dealt with efficiently and speedily” – August 2016

Mrs CS, London.

“Staff were knowledgeable and professional” – August 2016

The service was excellent and very straight forward.

Mr DS, Kent.

“I would definitely recommend AutoProtect” – August 2016

I spoke to a few members of staff that were more than helpful and personable and got a cheque within days.

Miss SB, Essex.

“Extremely helpful and efficient” – August 2016

Very polite people I dealt with and everything was dealt with efficiently.

Mr TB, Kent.

“Certainly delivers what it says on the label” – June 2016

AutoProtect did all they could to help. It is good to know that there is a genuine insurance cover that doesn't try to wriggle out of a genuine claim.

Mr DB, Solihull.

“Excellent customer service” – June 2016

The person who repaired my car had been friendly helpful and completed the work to a very high standard. Would not hesitate in recommending to others.

Mrs CC, Lanarkshire.

“Very happy” – June 2016

I wasn't sure what to expect I'd only had the car a few months after a head on collision in my old car and I was very anxious driving and was relieved to find out I was covered and it wasn't too severe. I think if the car had been off the road for a long time then I wouldn't have got back in this car again.

Ms VB, Mansfield.

“Very helpful” – June 2016

Very helpful and explained the process of dealing with a claim. Excellent from start of claim to reimbursement.

Mr AM, Stafford.

“AutoProtect you've restored my faith with the product you provide” – June 2016

I wasn't sure of the claiming procedure but the person on the other end of the phone made it sound so easy. I've purchased other policies from other companies and well let's just say when it comes time to claim the masses off paperwork it's unbelievable

But AutoProtect you've restored my faith with the product you provide and the ease at which you deal with it all. I was very satisfied one call and the problem was dealt with.  I would definitely recommend and definitely purchase again next year when I change my car.

Mrs SV, Bolton.

“Great experience” – June 2016

Quick payment and clearance of my car problem, fab! Great service; very quick response and payment. I would definitely recommend. Great experience!

Miss GS, Kent.

“Sublime customer service!! - June 2016

Exceptionally rapid repair!! Exceptional company!! I have already recommended several friends and family members!!

Miss MC, Chesham.

“I'm happy I had GAP insurance with AutoProtect” – June 2016

Staff were extremely helpful all the way through the claim. I'm happy I had GAP insurance with AutoProtect. The claim was quick and successful. Very pleased with everything. Would definitely recommend.

Mr ND, Bilston.

“I would highly recommend AutoProtect to everyone” – May 2016

The staff member was very polite and very helpful, nothing was any problem. It all went very smoothly and took all worry away from myself. I was very satisfied with the service and it has made me feel secure in the knowledge that if I need your services again, that I will be confident in a great service.

Mr JN, County Antrim.

“The claim was processed quickly” – May 2016

The product covered an issue that I would not have considered as an issue at point of sale. The initial claim was processed quickly and without any issue.

Mr JC, Lanarkshire.

“The work was carried out quickly and satisfactorily” – May 2016

I found the process was made very clear with your staff’s help and guidance. Once I had clearance from AutoProtect, the work was able to be carried out quickly and satisfactorily.

Mrs GM, Derby.

“Two thumbs up” – May 2016

I couldn't believe how easy it was to arrange. It was so simple and hassle free with a quick and easy resolution. Two thumbs up! From my first and hopefully last experience/need, I will whole heartedly recommend to others and use myself again with future purchases.

Mr LD, Kent.

“Your staff were extremely helpful and provided excellent customer service” – May 2016

Miss MW, Worcestershire.

“Service was outstanding from start to finish.” – May 2016

Everyone involved in my claim was efficient and incredibly accommodating; appointments were at my convenience and super-fast! I have already been telling everyone about the amazing service. From the initial contact to make the appointment, to the outstanding