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What if?

Your customer’s car needs petrol and they fill it with diesel, or vice versa? They say it may never happen to them but it does to 150 motorists a day – that’s just under 55,000 people a year and combined annual repair costs of £50 million!*

Believe it or not, misfuelling is an easy mistake to make, especially if in a rush, or the owner has just changed the car. And the consequences for your customer’s engine and your customer’s pocket can be serious.

Add to that the inconvenience of having their vehicle off the road and the price of this simple mistake could be more than the cost of a tank of fuel.

Unless you offer Misfuelling Insurance from AutoProtect.

Significant benefits

If they fill the vehicle with the wrong kind of fuel, this policy offers:

  • Recovery - We will pay towards the cost of towing the vehicle to the nearest repairer to drain and clean the fuel tank.
  • Replacement vehicle - We will pay towards the cost of a replacement vehicle should the vehicle be damaged.
  • Repair - If mechanical damage has occurred, we will pay towards repairs.
  • Replacement fuel - Cover to refill the vehicle with the correct fuel once repairs have been carried out.
*Source: Auto Express Magazine July 2010.

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