Video Sells: AutoProtect makes it easy

Date: Thu 25th September 2014   |   Author: Vince Brand | Google+

In today’s digital environment, video is a sales tool that dealers should have within their F & I digital arsenal. It is also an ideal way of extending the F & I portfolio; something AutoProtect believes will become increasingly important.

Video meets the customer’s desire for information that can be quickly digested and such an approach also provides a highly controlled and therefore compliant way of helping customers to discover options they can buy to suit their personal needs.

AutoProtect has reacted to their unquestionable value by developing series of videos that dealers can quickly and simply add to their website.

The rationale for video

Impact - The brain responds to visual stimulation with research suggesting that nearly half the population learns visually. With a choice between reading a page of content or watching a 60-second video explanation, video wins every time. More importantly, people retain more information when the brain is stimulated both verbally and visually.

Vince Brand, Head of Creative Services at AutoProtect, observes; “Not every customer is offered every insurance product available in the showroom. Yet a proportion of customers will be interested in at least some of them. After all, the financial appeal of Asset Protection products and add-ons such as Williams branded Ceramic and Synthetic Paint protection on their car’s appearance is a very compelling one. Customers who invariably research their car online can also find a dealer’s additional products during the same search and begin to make their buying decisions before ever entering the showroom.

“At the same time, video delivers its message in a controlled and highly compliant manner. A final positive, for dealers seeking to feature higher in search rankings, video provides engaging content increasing time on site and social shares and reducing bounce rate, factors all viewed by  search engines as indicators of an ‘authoritative’ site .”

Adopting Best Practice

The average person will spend 2.7 minutes watching an online video. So ensuring video guides are easy to locate and ‘short and sweet,’ is the key to success. Every AutoProtect video follows this approach, with the content and style carefully conceived to ensure that they hold a customer’s attention.

The whole AutoProtect product range now has a supporting video:

  • Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
  • Return to Invoice
  • Finance GAP
  • SMART - minor damage repair insurance
  • Williams branded Ceramic and Synthetic paint protection
  • MOT test insurance
  • MOT test guarantee
  • Tyre insurance
  • Alloy wheel insurance

To view our videos, click here.

So whilst in the showroom it may seem too much to offer one customer, online the showroom can benefit from enabling customers to research the options for themselves and in doing so discover for themselves the services that match their needs.