Motor Trader Awards 2015 sponsored by AutoProtect

Date: Mon 24th November 2014   |   Author: Natalie Ridgwell | Google+

AutoProtect is delighted once again to be sponsoring the New Dealership of the Year Award.

Getting a new dealership off the ground requires high levels of energy, careful planning and an imaginative approach. These are attributes that also reflect the AutoProtect philosophy to business. In today’s increasingly digital and consumer-centric world, new dealerships will require an innovative zeal and a real eye for delighting the customer. In a highly competitive market, AutoProtect has grown strongly by focussing upon these self-same items, for our dealer customers and for their end customers. Dealers rely upon AutoProtect for long-term value in income and retention.

AutoProtect offers an unrivalled and developing range of services including; warranties, GAP/RTI and SMART, as well as a range of imaginative vehicle protection products. Created with a clear eye on the spirit and letter of today’s ever changing compliance standards, AutoProtect’s portfolio and customer support have been designed with integrity to the forefront. Treating Customers Fairly is an opportunity and we can help dealers of all sizes to realise it.

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