Introducing flexible service plan payment program

Date: Thu 23rd August 2012   |   Author: Natalie Ridgwell | Google+

AutoProtect introduces flexible service and payment plans to enhance customer retention.

AutoProtect has diversified its service plan offering to provide additional services and affordable payment options to ensure on-going customer satisfaction.

Mike Macaulay, Corporate Development Manager  said that its product offering had evolved to reflect key changes in the market and to maximise the opportunity for dealers.

“We’re still suffering an uncertain economy and the automotive sector has been hit harder than most. Not only are some customers spending less, but car usage is falling and annual mileage being reduced. As a result, a ‘one size fits all’ approach to service plans simply doesn’t allow dealers to offer the level of flexibility required in the current market.

“We’ve conducted extensive dealer and customer research to gauge what their needs are and understand their individual requirements. The key to customer retention is to take that feedback on board and use it to provide flexible products tailored to those needs. 

“As a result, AutoProtect has been able to work with its dealer network to create plans incorporating additional services highlighted by the customer,” he said.

New plans now include the ability to include MOT fees, MOT guarantees, seasonal check-ups and air conditioning services.

In addition, AutoProtect has introduced a monthly ‘licence fee’ payment scheme, which Mike says has been well received by dealers.

“Further to feedback from dealers, we’ve implemented a monthly payment option as opposed to the existing ‘pay per plan’, enabling them to budget more accurately and increase the profitability of service plans so that dealers are more incentivised to sell them on to customers.”

For further information please contact Mike Macaulay. Tel: 0871 384 1167 Email: