Ceramic Coat Update - Alex Youngs

Date: Wed 4th July 2012   |   Author: Natalie Ridgwell | Google+

The expanding group of providers in the market place has helped to build dealer confidence in paint protection products. Greater competition has led to the development of superior products. Specifically those not requiring the application of conservers to maintain customer guarantees and which really work and will not be removed, within months, by strong chemicals used in car washes. Having demonstrated the effectiveness and longevity of these products the sales staff confidence in products such as Ceramic Coat is bolstered and translated into sales.
AutoProtect have worked with the Williams licensed product for two years and the benefits are clear. Williams retain strict controls over their brand and where and how product is promoted so it’s almost impossible to find Ceramic Coat outside of the dealer environment. Other products for sale in retail outlets and through auction sites reduces the value of both paint protection and the service the dealer offers. When presenting Ceramic Coat AutoProtect always highlight the unique product licence number and the fact we can track every pack back to source.
AutoProtect have found that working with a known brand such as Williams has definitely helped when selling paint protection to the consumer as they can relate to the F1 brand and this makes it easier to introduce into the sales process. The brand identity has also drawn customer enquiries directly via our website to have their other cars treated. This emphasises the confidence we are installing in the paint protection product market.

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