AutoProtect ‘sleep out’ charity event

Date: Tue 15th May 2018   |   Author: Natalie Ridgwell | Google+

AutoProtect employees took part in a SLEEP OUT charity event for Street2Homes on 11th May.

This meant sleeping ‘rough’ overnight in a local churchyard with nothing more than a cardboard box and sleeping bag. Just a glimpse into the life of someone without a roof over their head. The aim was to raise awareness of local homeless issues and raise money for the charity Streets 2 Homes.

We joined 30 others who set up their cardboard boxes and plastic sheeting for the night. Fortunately the weather was kind and a light hearted atmosphere meant the night went by fairly quickly.

Not only did we reach our target of £500, it was smashed and so far we have raised a whopping £1,500 (and rising)!

To give you some indication of what £1500 is worth to S2H it will pay their food bill for the rest of the year!