AutoProtect Gives Customers Control

Date: Wed 24th January 2018   |   Author: Vince Brand | Google+

The acid-test for any insurance product is when a claim becomes necessary. AutoProtect has worked to reinvent the process. Today, more claims are being approved, more quickly.

Traditional claims processes for added-value services can benefit from a more ‘customer-engaged’ approach; that is precisely what AutoProtect has discovered; the outcome is higher customer satisfaction and a faster process overall.

When today’s 24/7, ease-of-access oriented consumer met the traditional administration and claims process for those added-value services they purchased with their car, the outcome was always going to be potentially ‘challenging’. As Mike Macaulay, Head of Corporate Sales at AutoProtect puts it;

In so many ways the added-value services sector continues to operate with an analogue outlook; in today’s digital era, it is not enough and we committed to change the whole experience radically.

Two years on from the launch of our first app and digital iClaim system, we have established how technology can improve the customer journey, by going a long way to removing the stresses that have often been part of any insurance claim experience.

Initially supporting our range of warranty products, today our iClaim technology has been completely overhauled to incorporate the real-life learnings gained since its initial launch. Then at the same time and following the clear successes of the SMART claims app, we extended the platform to cover  GAP/RTI, alloy wheel protection and tyre insurance.”

The opportunity for customers to download a product specific app is just part of how AutoProtect is ensuring customers benefit from greater transparency and control of the products they have selected.

The journey starts with Plain English documentation and a digital welcome pack that confirms the cover level and claims process for each product. These are all about ensuring customers know exactly what they have purchased and that it is appropriate to their needs.

This extra level of transparency has significantly reduced cancellations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Inevitably the real test of an insurance product is the claims experience. The claims apps are available for Apple and Android devices or as a weblink. They require a simple verification process to be completed; after that, the customer is in control of their wider agreement management and any claims process as well. This includes the ability for customers to cancel their agreement. This last point may seem counterintuitive, but the evidence demonstrates that such transparency is reducing cancellations and building loyalty.

“Digitising the claims processes, enhancing accessibility, control and transparency are enhancing customer and dealer satisfaction. Our market-leading digital programme is demonstrably proving to be good for the customer, the dealer and ourselves.