AM’s Finance and Insurance Compliance Conference

Date: Fri 26th September 2014   |   Author: Natalie Ridgwell | Google+

Automotive Management’s Finance and Insurance Compliance Conference on 18th November will seek to provide an objective and honest appraisal of the FCA and its requirements.

​The launch of the conference follows survey revelations which found one in five dealers view FCA regulation as the biggest challenge facing their business in 2014.

Proud to be at the heart of the regulatory debate, AutoProtect is committed to working hand in hand with dealers across the UK to help develop compliant insurance solutions that are valued by customers, delivered in a fair and transparent fashion.

AutoProtect has forged a reputation for the quality of its products, people and processes and for helping dealers to develop appropriate and considered approaches to increase insurance sales. At the heart of this has been integrity and a focus upon the customer. It is an ethos that saw AutoProtect lead the market to embrace ABI best practice guidelines with the introduction of a cancellable GAP product that still protected dealer income as long ago as 2011; a first for the industry. Now, as new regulatory change looks set to take place, dealers can rely upon AutoProtect.

AutoProtect is attending the Conference as the compliance landscape for F & I is changing and AutoProtect is ready to change with it. We look forward to being an active and supportive partner that dealers can rely upon to work with them through the changes ahead.

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