5 Tips to increase Paint Protection penetration

Date: Mon 4th March 2013   |   Author: Modeten

How to sell Paint Protection

1.       Sewing the seeds early

If the customer is bringing in a car for part exchange ask if it comes with a Paint Protection Certificate. (Using the word certificate gives it more credibility.)

When customer says 'no'…. 'reply that’s a shame as our business manager usually pays extra with a certificate!'

When talking about the new vehicle, introduce the product point of sale you have. Confirm that you would give them the certificate so when they come back in 2/3 years, they'd get more money in part exchange as it would be clear the car had been looked after. Do not ask them to purchase just yet only to consider for later.

Asking every customer every time gives the product value.

2.       Introduce the product during the vehicle sales process

Ask the following question during the sales process 'How would you like the vehicle prepared when you collect it?'

  • How would you like your vehicle prepared  - deluxe or standard?
  • Deluxe covers paint, fabric, carpets and alloys and can be built in with any other products
  • Standard covers just paint
  • They’ll say just standard but  this means you have permission to supply them paint protection
  • Non-standard is just a wash

Customers don’t want bottom one nor the top one so will take middle product

3.       Selling after the customer has bought the car and left without buying paint protection

Between when the customer purchases the car and when they pick it up, they are looking forward to getting a new car and are over the 'pain' of initial financial outlay. Remembering the conversation above at point of sale and before pick up, give the customer a call then ask how would you like your vehicle prepared with deluxe or standard?

Say price is £499 – can add it to finance for £XX.XX a month

OR Pay on credit card now

OR Pay when pick up


4.       Split product into three parts. Give each element a description and a value.

Paint – talk of road salts / bird lime - £ price a

Fabric – like Scotch Guard for your house carpets - £ price b

If you're putting carpet down or buying a new sofa – would you scotch guard? it would be cheaper to replace carpet at home than it would in a car as the fabric and carpet are connected to the vehicle. Stained carpets and seats would affect the value of car more than value of house!

Vinyl / leather – stop UV lights damaging - £ price c

Deal on for all at £ price a+b+c less discount

or offer a mini pack at Paint and Fabric only for £ price a+b less discount