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The 10 Best Car Apps You Need in 2018

Date: Wed 10th January 2018   |   Author: L Blake

Beat the traffic with the best GPS apps

This section could almost have a blog to itself. There are so many GPS apps on the market now that it really is hard to choose which one to use. Unfortunately, not all of them are great. That’s why we’ve done the research for you to find the best GPS app for you.


Have you ever been following your GPS app meticulously, only to end up going the wrong way because the picture is misleading or the directions are hard to follow? Never again with Sygic. Its 3D maps mean that you should never get lost following your sat nav again.

The features don’t end there. Sygic tells you the cheapest places to buy petrol, the closest car parks, every speed camera and, of course, it has real-time time traffic monitoring. Better still, it can work both online and offline, making it possibly the best GPS app available.

Google Maps

This one might seem obvious, but Google really covers all the bases with their maps package. The app has real time traffic monitoring which allows you to choose the quickest route at any given time. It also integrates seamlessly into Google’s search results, allowing you to find directions to any business in a flash. On top of that, if you have to park away from your final destination, the GPS app can calculate a route on foot, taking you straight to the door of your destination.


Waze draws upon crowd-sourced data from fellow users to work out traffic delays and find you the quickest route. Aside from being an easy to use GPS app Waze is really an online navigation community with each user sharing sightings of police cars, mobile speed cameras, and traffic incidents. It also allows users to share advice on what has caused the incidents.

Keeping you safe on the road

Checking your phone at the wheel is never safe, but that’s not to say that your phone can’t enhance your driving and general road safety. There are a range of car apps that will help you stay safe on the road, whilst if the worst does happen these apps will help you out in a crash or breakdown situation.


Dashcams are the latest driving craze sweeping the globe and although they’ve proven useful for capturing hilarious driving footage they can also help protect you in the event of an accident. AutoMate is a mobile dash cam app that you can attach to a dash cam holder to record your driving (and other peoples) on the go. It also tracks your speed and location so that in the event of an accident, you can provide useful evidence and footage.

Smart Driver Club

Smart Driver Club is one of the all-round best car apps on the market. Although it requires a Smart Plug to set-up and there’s a cost for monthly membership, the product on offer is extremely useful in many driving situations. Once you activate your Smart Plug in your car you can utilise a range of features, including 24/7 driving monitoring, trip cost calculations and car location if you’re parked in a busy car park.

One of best the best features of this package though is its integration into your onboard computer, allowing you to track problems that have developed with your car. Better still, if you breakdown, Smart Driver Club can coordinate your recovery. 

Keep the car running with a car maintenance app

Keeping on top of your car maintenance is never easy. Knowing when your next service is due or when your MOT is required can be difficult to track. That’s why it's useful to have a car maintenance app to help keep your car in shape.


Fuelly is a car maintenance app that allows you to track your fuel consumption over the lifetime of your vehicle and keep track of how efficient it is. This will help you identify when your vehicle has an issue if your fuel efficiency plummets. This can be especially handy for older cars that don’t have the advanced on-board computer systems that many newer cars have that track consumption for you.


When it comes to car maintenance and car parts in the UK, Halfords is the first name that pops into many peoples head. It’s the one stop shop for servicing, MOT or car maintenance materials. Now, Halfords has a car maintenance app that allows you to keep on top of your servicing schedule letting you know when you’re due for an appointment. You can also book appointments through the app or purchase any parts or materials you need to keep your car in top condition.

Useful car apps

By now you should have realised that car apps can improve every aspect of your driving experience, but the benefits don’t end there. These apps will be a handy addition to your next long journey or everyday commute.

Drive Mode

Drive Mode allows your phone to utilise a simplified interface design for ease of use whilst you’re driving. It also allows you to auto reply to text messages with one touch and you can activate voice commands to enable you to make calls or play music without taking your eye of the road.


Similar to Drive Mode, AutoMate allows you to install a driving dashboard into your car using your phone or tablet. Rather than making it easier to manage your phone whilst driving, the AutoMate app allows you to turn your phone into an onboard computer. Manage music, navigation, phone calls, calendar invites and keep track of your driving data on the go.

Introducing the AutoProtect app

The AutoProtect car app makes it easier than ever to manage your claims online. All you have to do is sync up your agreement with the app and you can manage any SMART, alloy, tyre or GAP claim in one central place. You can also check the progress in an easy to manage way. It allows you to make claims on these industry-leading products. Give it a try and download today!