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Winter Survival Kit: Breakdown Essentials

Winter Survival Kit: Breakdown Essentials The weather can have an impact on your car’s health, especially in winter when the harsh weather increases the chances of a breakdown. It is important to be prepared in order to avoid being left stranded in the cold. We’ve compiled a handy checklist of breakdown essentials to help you keep you safe on the roads this winter. An empty fuel can Sometimes breakdowns aren’t due to anything serious like a mechanical fault or engine failure, but are simply a result of your vehicle running out of fuel. Whilst this can be annoying, there is...

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Winter Car Maintenance Checklist

Winter Car Maintenance Checklist Car maintenance is a year round task for drivers everywhere.  In winter, the change in temperature can affect driving conditions and cause your car to behave differently. Whether you are planning a road trip, are driving home for Christmas or just want to know the basics of winter car maintenance, we’ve compiled a handy checklist of car care tips to keep you safe on the roads this winter. Tip #1 – Get your car serviced Whilst winter weather can have an impact on our cars, regular servicing and proper car maintenance could prevent a lot of...

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How to check antifreeze level

How to check antifreeze level Checking your car’s fluids is an essential part of regular maintenance, especially when faced with drastic weather changes. As temperatures begin to drop, it is important to keep your antifreeze levels topped up. Read on to find out how to check and how to top up antifreeze levels. What is antifreeze? Engine coolant, often known as antifreeze, is a coloured liquid which, when mixed with water, helps to regulate your engine during extreme temperature changes. For example, as we transition from summer to winter and the weather changes from hot to cold,...

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How do you charge an electric car at home?

How do you charge an electric car at home? With the government committed to ending the sale of new conventional petrol and diesel engines by 2040, many people have started to ask questions about the practicalities of owning an electric vehicle (EV). To help you in your quest for EV knowledge, AutoProtect has looked at one of the most common questions on many people’s minds: how do you charge an electric car at home? Electric car charging at home If you have off-street parking, electric car charging at home is as simple as plugging it into a standard three pin plug socket just as you...

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Personalised number plate rules explained

Personalised Number Plate Rules Explained The popularity of personalised number plates continues to grow in the UK, with as many as 335,000 personalised registrations sold per year according to the latest figures. Despite this, many are still unaware of the various number plate rules and regulations. In this article, your helpful team at AutoProtect tries to uncover the dos and don’ts that come with owning a personalised number plate. Choosing a personalised number plate You can buy any available number plate for your vehicle as long as it’s in a format that has been used...

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