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How to check your windscreen washer fluid

Date: Tue 10th April 2018   |   Author: L Blake

Why you should always make sure your washer fluid is topped up

The Highway Code states good visibility is necessary for safe driving. Making sure your washer fluid reservoir is topped up allows you to remove dust, grit or bird droppings from your windscreen whilst driving. It’s important to check your fluid level frequently to avoid accidents from reduced visibility. Read on to discover how you can to check your windscreen washer level and find out how to top up your vehicle's washer fluid.

1. Locate the bonnet cable

You can open your bonnet by pulling the bonnet cable. The bonnet cable is usually located in the foot-well of the driver or the front passenger seat. If you’re unsure about where exactly your bonnet cable is located, you can check your owner’s manual.

2. Open the bonnet

Next, lift the bonnet off its safety catch and hold it open with the bonnet prop if it has one. The bonnet prop makes sure the car bonnet is safe and secure when your vehicle's bonnet is up. Some vehicles don’t have bonnet props and instead use hydraulic bonnet struts, but it is important to make sure that any safety catch is slotted correctly in place, to prevent injuries. 

3. Locate the washer fluid reservoir

Each car’s washer fluid reservoir is different. So if you’re unsure about what exactly your vehicle's washer fluid reservoir looks like, or where it is located, you should refer to your owner’s manual. 

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4. Remove the washer fluid reservoir cap

Before topping up washer fluid, you need to remove the washer fluid reservoir cap and keep it in a safe place if the cap isn’t attached.

5. Pour washer fluid into the washer fluid reservoir

You can purchase either undiluted washer fluid or premixed formulas. The different types of washer fluids are dependent on season and location. If you are unsure about what type of washer fluid is suitable for your vehicle, you can speak to a vehicle specialist.

6. Safely close your bonnet

Once you’ve topped up your vehicle’s washer fluid level, you should pop the cap back on the washer fluid reservoir and safely close your bonnet. To close your vehicle's bonnet, remove the bonnet prop and slot it safely back into its latch while holding the bonnet open with your other hand. Next, gently shut the bonnet, making sure it’s properly closed before driving your vehicle.

We hope you found this article on understanding how to check your windscreen washer and top up your vehicle's washer fluid useful. There are plenty more helpful articles on the AutoProtect Engage page that answer more of your vehicle and driving queries.