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Learner Drivers on Motorways: What you need to know

Date: Tue 22nd May 2018   |   Author: L Blake

Following on from previous changes to the UK driving test

December 2017 saw major changes to the UK driving test. On 4th December 2017, The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) announced there would be a change to the UK driving test. This change has seen learner drivers now being tested on a range of new manoeuvres and under a range of driving conditions.

Introductions include a section on following directions from a Sat Nav. Sat Navs and other navigational devices such as mobile phones are now more widely used and the new tests will help improve drivers’ attention to the road whilst using them.

However, from 4th June, the Government has announced there will be further changes for UK residents learning to drive. Read on to discover what these changes could mean for both pink and green driving license holders.

Learner drivers to be allowed on motorways

From 4th June 2018, learner drivers will be permitted to take driving lessons on motorways in England, Scotland and Wales. This has been done to help learner drivers prepare for driving on motorways once they pass their test. It will mean they will now be able to receive a broader driving experience before taking their driving test.

Why learner drivers should be more familiar with motorway driving

Up until 4th June, the first time drivers will have ever used a motorway will have been after they have passed their driving test. Meaning many new drivers often don’t feel confident when driving on a motorway for the first time. These changes to the laws have been implemented with the aim of improving learner drivers’ confidence when driving on a motorway unsupervised after passing their driving test

Learner drivers will now be receiving training on how to join and leave the motorway, how to overtake and use lanes safely and correctly, as well as receiving much more experience driving at a higher speed under supervision. More time spent practising on the motorway will also allow learner drivers to be much more familiar with motorway specific traffic signs.

Transport Minister, Jesse Norman, said: “The shocking fact is that younger drivers are up to seven times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than drivers over 25. Lack of experience contributes to their vulnerability.  With the Government's aim to familiarise new drivers with more dangerous roads, it hopes to then see the number of crashes involving new drivers significantly reduce.

We hope you found this article useful on understanding the changes to the laws surrounding learner drivers. There are plenty more helpful articles on the AutoProtect Engage page that answer more of your vehicle and driving queries.