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The Best Driving Roads in the UK Revealed

Date: Tue 22nd May 2018   |   Author: L Blake

Are you ready for a UK road trip?

The UK is home to some of the best driving roads in the world. But when was the last time you drove just for the sheer pleasure of driving? This article will cover the best driving routes in the UK to give you all some inspiration and allow you to prepare for your next UK road trip. 

The Snake Pass, South Yorkshire

Road name: Peak District A57

One of the best driving routes in the UK is definitely The Snake Pass. Although this may be one of the best roads in the UK for its amazing scenery, please bear in mind if you choose to include this road as part of your UK road trip, this route is definitely not for the faint hearted!

The Snake Pass is the name given to the A57, which connects Sheffield and Manchester across the Peak District. Most people assume the name is derived from the windy route. However, it is actually in reference to the Snake Inn, one of the few buildings along the route. The Snake Pass boasts excellent views of the Peak District, with multiple elevation changes and adverse cambers. On the descent into the town of Glossop on the Manchester side of the Peak District, it’s possible to see Manchester and beyond on a clear day. With the highest point of Snake Pass reaching 152 meters above sea level. 

The Snake Pass also has a bad accident rate, as it’s often very slippery in bad weather conditions. Meaning the A57 is often the first road in the area to close once it snows. Drive safely on the Snake and make sure you take note of the road signs and markings. 

The Snake Pass, South Yorkshire

Blakey Ridge, Hutton-le-Hole to Castleton, North Yorkshire

Road name: North Yorkshire Moors A171

Moving from South to North Yorkshire on your UK road trip, the A171 is one of the best roads in the UK for its views of moorland and sea. The A171 goes through the towns of Redcar, Skelton and Lockwood, leading onto the North Yorkshire Moors. The route boasts plenty of hills and glorious scenery. Expect twists, blind rises and breathtaking views of the North York Moors! The route is close to the North Sea, so at points you’ll be able to catch glimpses of the North Sea and surrounding coast line. Just watch out for the ill-placed free-roaming sheep!

Blakey Ride, Hutton-le-Hole to Castleton, North Yorkshire

The Midlands Tick, Nottinghamshire/Leicestershire

Road name: A52

If you choose to pay a visit to the Midlands on your UK road trip, it’s well worth a visit to the Midlands Tick. The Midlands Tick covers a 50 mile route along the outskirts of Nottinghamshire to Leicestershire in the centre of the UK. The Midlands Tick covers a mixture of long straights and tight corners.  The road starts where the Tithby Road meets the A52. You’ll then continue south along the Bingham Road for a few miles, passing through Wiverton and then Langar. Next you’ll drive through Harby and Eastwell, reaching Landyke Loan and Scalford a couple of miles later. After this you’ll see the village of Melton Mowbray, home of the famous pork pie! 

Next you’ll pass through Great Dalby, Thorpe Satchville, Twyford and Tilton on the Hill. You’ll finish the route passing through Sutton Bassett, Medbourne and Stockerston before you reach your final destination in Uppingham.

The Midlands Tick, Norttinghamshire/Leicestershire

The Cheddar Gorge

Road name: B3135/A37

The Cheddar gorge is one of the best UK routes for offering a range of speculator views and road changes. The route starts east of Cheddar and follows Somerset countryside, reaching your final destination at Ashwick 14 miles later.

The route has three main sections. The first section features breathtaking scenery, with huge cliff faces on each side of the road. This section features tight twists and turns, so be aware of other passing vehicles!  Next you’ll enter the second section approximately four miles into the route. Instead of rocks and tight bends at this point, you’ll experience long sweeping bends and plenty of trees. The third section contains long straights and gentle gradient changes. 

There are few places along Cheddar Gorge to stop for food. Hartley’s Kitchen is said to serve the best breakfasts and lunches for miles. There’s also Oakhill Inn at the end of the route, which is the perfect place to stop for refreshments at the end of your journey.  

The Cheddar Gorge

Beauty and the Beast

Road name: A82

The A82 is the second longest A road in Scotland, stretching across 140 miles between Loch Lomond to Loch Ness. During this route you’ll pass 10 lochs and also experience views of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain.

For the first 20 miles of your route, you’ll experience roadside views of the picturesque Loch Lomond. Once you’re 15 miles in, you’ll hit the Tarbet to Tyndrum stretch. According to statistics, this is one of the most dangerous roads in Scotland. The road does begin to get a little snug, so you’ll need to take notice of other cars and lorries and drive safely.

Once you leave the Tyndrum stretch, you’ll be welcomed with vast open roads as you experience the beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Once you approach Altnafeadh, you’ll experience jagged landscapes and breathtaking views.

After this you’ll experience tighter corners as you approach the lochs. Once you approach the lochs at the end of your route, you’ll be hugging the water’s edge and you’ll take in breathtaking views of the mountains. But don’t just enjoy the drive on this route, make sure to do plenty of stop offs so you can photograph the beautiful scenery! The breathtaking views of the Scottish Highlands makes the Beauty and the Beast one of the best driving routes in the UK.

Beauty and the Beast, Scotland

We hope you found this article on informative discussing the best roads in the UK. There are plenty more helpful articles on the AutoProtect Engage page that answer more of your vehicle and driving queries.