The importance of shared values with suppliers

Date: Mon 11th February 2019   |   Client: Hutchings Motor Group
Client Name: Steve Hutchings, Group Managing Director

Hutchings Motor Group is a fifth generation, family-run motor retailer with a 50 year track record of service across South Wales with dealerships in Bridgend, Pontypridd and Swansea. Today, investment in acquisitions, new dealer premises and its people see a business which represents Hyundai in three locations, along with a Vauxhall and Isuzu franchise thrive.

At the heart of the Hutchings success has been the continuity of the Hutchings family with Group Managing Director Steve Hutchings taking the reins of the business from his father John who today is the Group’s Chairman. Continuity is a business-wide theme; 25% of the Hutchings team boast a decade of service and 10% have notched up over 20 years with the business. Steve believes this stability is central to the business’ success, noting;

There is genuine pride in our being part of the South Wales landscape for so long. For our team and our many loyal customers, there is a sense of dependability and trust that cannot be replicated easily. It is a real differentiator and is something we have strived to maintain throughout our recent expansion.

Continuity and service have created impressive customer feedback; 1126 customers on Judge Services, rank the business a remarkable 4.6/5. What is particularly notable is that this performance has been achieved in the face of a major acquisition and site redevelopment over recent years.

As well as its people attributes, Steve is quick to point to the importance of embracing new technologies. These have helped to sustain the business ethos as the organisation has grown, ensuring a consistent group-wide approach to all operational areas, minimising re-work, confusion, costs and the customer disappointment that can too easily follow.

Technology is another facilitator of the Hutchings service excellence mantra which is embodied in the organisation’s Vision and Mission;


We aspire to have delighted customers, who will remember us, return to us and recommend us to their friends and families


We’ll do this by welcoming our staff and customers into our family and using the knowledge and skills that we’ve acquired over more than a hundred years to provide an exceptional customer experience, be a great place to work and provide memorable, high-quality, cost effective services.

In short, Hutchings Group is committed to a values-led approach, caring for customers, the community and the company. When it comes to selecting suppliers, businesses and people which share the Hutchings’ ethos are essential, AutoProtect is one of those partners.

Hutchings’ association with AutoProtect is a long one. Initially centred on extended warranties, the relationship has grown to include GAP/RTI services. Success has been based upon a shared commitment to excellence and improvement. Within this Steve sees Angela Curtiss, his AutoProtect Corporate Development Manager as a natural extension of the Hutchings team. Steve concludes;

We choose to work with AutoProtect because there is a strong fit. Our Values and approach mirror each other. They are a very fair company with us and our customers.

There are none of the quibbles with claims that can damage a customer’s faith in us and they are fast with approval and payouts; something that has been further enhanced with their iClaim and smartphone  app technology.

“People are the bedrock of all successful businesses. I’m proud of our team and that includes AutoProtect, they are all part of the Hutchings Group family, serving our customers.”