Richmond Motor Group

Date: Thu 16th March 2017   |   Client: Richmond Motor Group
Client Name: Michael Nobes, Managing Director

Richmond Motor Group, which operates in the Solent area, is Europe’s largest retailer of Hyundai vehicles. In addition to Hyundai outlets, the business also includes a Citroen franchise. The business bases its success upon delivering outstanding levels of customer satisfaction. Indeed, as Richmond’s MD Michael Nobes observes; “Delighting the customer is not just about the car buying experience, it is about meeting their needs in aftersales and this has to include making customers aware of the services we can provide to make their car ownership more pleasurable.  Added value product success is not about ‘hard sell’ it is about placing the customer’s needs front and centre. AutoProtect help us to do just that.”

The Richmond relationship with AutoProtect goes back 13 years. The longevity is testament to the level of mutual trust between the two businesses. The availability of a wide range of added value products is the foundation of the relationship, but the real strength lies in the quality of service support that benefits Richmond business-wide.

“As a business that seeks to provide the very best service to our customers, it can be of no surprise that we want the same ethos from our supplier partners. We expect them to support us and our mutual customers with great service and AutoProtect have never let us down.” notes Nobes.

The AutoProtect service referred to by Nobes includes a wide and imaginative product range, easy to use rapid technology and above all a team of enthusiastic experts who are keen to both listen and act to help the Richmond team.

Working side by side with the Richmond leadership team, AutoProtect is actively engaged in showroom training to develop product awareness and promotional skills. It really is a partnership approach, with both parties playing an active role.

AutoProtect has demonstrated great flexibility and nimbleness in dovetailing the business’ IT platform to work in tandem with Richmond’s. The result, as Nobes points out, has been “numerous efficiencies including superb F&I tracking logs, full FCA compliance and customer product screens to assist our BM’s”.

Richmond actively promotes the AutoProtect portfolio, including GAP, Return to Invoice, Warranties and Williams F1 branded Ceramic Paint Protection.

Nobes concludes;

“In every respect we have complete confidence in AutoProtect and this means we place all our business with them. We have been approached by numerous other providers and none can match them for the quality, flexibility and customer service.”

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Case Study: Richmond Motor Group

Richmond Motor Group