Introducing Burton Kia

Introducing Burton Kia

Date: Fri 12th July 2013   |   Client: Burton Kia
Client Name: Graham Large, General Sales Manager

Introducing Burton Kia -

In 2011, a management buyout from Inchcape saw the creation of what today is Burton Kia. Today, the hands-on energy of the buyout team and their highly committed colleagues has seen the business go from strength to strength. Burton Kia is now the largest Kia retailer in the Midlands, selling and servicing new and used cars to both private and business users.

With significant experience of the Kia brand under their belts, the team at Burton Kia set about establishing the business as a focal point for the local community. Unusual in today’s market, the business’ town centre location helps this approach, but above this is the recognition that their independence is a real differentiator. The team takes its local reputation very seriously.

High profile in the local community supporting activities such as Burton Rugby Club, the team at Burton Kia pride themselves upon developing long-term relationships. After all, with many of the senior team having grown up in the Burton vicinity, their local reputation really does mean a great deal, with customers often being friends and vice versa.

Burton Kia & AutoProtect

Following the management buyout, General Sales Manager Graham Large was keen to increase the impact of added value sales to the business. This aim was tempered by a desire to ensure that high quality products were offered in a high integrity fashion. It was an approach very much in line with the business’ reputation focused ethos.

Impressed by the AutoProtect product range and above all dealer support approach in his previous role, Graham was quick to identify AutoProtect as being an excellent fit.

“We wanted to work with a supplier who could help us to develop the sale of insurance products, but we wanted help to ensure our approach was right. 'Right' meant to enhance sales and the customer experience. I was already confident of the products offered by AutoProtect, what I was really looking for was help in promoting them. The support in terms of training and marketing has been vital to our success.

As an independent dealer, the role of a good ‘partner’ supplier is much more important than in a Group situation. We need the knowledge that a good supplier has to increase sales. AutoProtect have more than risen to this challenge. They have brought ideas and product innovations to us and helped us to develop promotional approaches that have really worked,” Noted Graham. “Today, they are our only insurance product supplier, which I think is a statement of our confidence in them.”

Today, Burton Kia offer their customers the AutoProtect extended warranty, Paint Protection, GAP insurance and SMART Protect product, the latter covering the cost of repair for minor bodywork or alloy wheel damage.

Across the business, sales are averaging 1.3 added value products per customer. Graham points to the role of on-site training as being particularly important, recognising his own scepticism with one product.

“To be honest, I was really doubtful about SMART Protect at the outset. AutoProtect’s confidence in the product has proved very well founded and I am delighted to have the product in my armoury.  With no excess and almost every claim authorised, it is a product that my customers have undoubtedly benefited from and one that has really helped our reputation!”

“The expression ‘Partnership’ is easily said. However, given the win/win track record of the last two years, we are delighted to say that our relationship with AutoProtect really is a valued partnership and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future.”

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